Training opportunities for marginalized Young People

Training opportunities for marginalized Young People

«fepa is unique to KSTC in transforming lives of underprivileged youth in personal development hence transforming the communities and the nation at large. If you serve the youth you save the nation» – KSTC

The Kuwadzana Skills Training Centre (KSTC)

The Kuwadzana Skills Training Centre (KSTC) provides vocational training to unemployed men and women in the township. 60 to 100 young people between the ages of 15 and 30 benefit from training in tailoring’ design & interior decoration, hair styling or welding, as well as preschool teachers and from the professional guidance that empowers them to become economically independent and strengthens them in their daily lives.


  • Our report for the year 2022 shows: 64 young people graduated 2022 from the KSTC (only available in German).

Education in the township

This centre is a real project from the “community”: Here, structures are not created by an established, specialised NGO, but the teachers and the board create them themselves and grow with the task. This involves many learning processes and a great commitment on the part of the training centre’s supporters for the benefit of the young beneficiaries. The manual training is adapted to the local living situation. With sound pedagogical knowledge, the interests and previous knowledge of the participants are combined with the economic realities (often informal gainful employment). In addition to learning the craft, the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills is an important part of the training. With a focus on micro-enterprise management, the trainees are empowered to become economically independent. In addition, the KSTC offers various courses and workshops on the topics of life and civics, HIV/Aids and gender equality. These give the young people a basis for a self-determined and better future and are open not only to KSTC students but also to young people from outside the township.

Jugendliche Fussballmanschaft
Youth Football Team

Through the workshops, up to 400 young people are reached every year. The mixture of vocational training, orientation and life skills gives the young people a valuable basis for making decisions in a difficult environment that will help them in life and enable them to actively shape society.

The training centre overcame an organisational crisis in 2011/12 and has since developed positively and repeatedly demonstrated its resilience to the difficulties of the economic crisis in Zimbabwe.

fepa partner organisationKuwadzana Skills Training Centre
LocationKuwadzana in Harare, Zimbabwe
Target groupYouths without completed school or vocational training
fepa contribution 2019CHF 20’000
fepa contribution 2020CHF 27’000
fepa contribution 2021CHF 28’500
fepa contribution 2022> CHF 30’000

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  • Photos of the KSTC teams in their homemade clothes can be found in the Training Opportunity Gallery.